Here are some comments our past students have left us :

I'd like to thank all of you, I (we) really had a good time in your residence, the apartments were very comfortable and spacious, the staff was very kind and the shuttle was very useful ! My stay in Ireland was a complete success and your residence was one of the main reason for sure !

Alexandre - 3rd Year

Overall, I loved my experience at Dunaras. I LOVE the apartments, the layout, and the fact that they are all fully furnished.  I also love how helpful the staff is. My housemates and I got along super well, and it seemed to be a perfect match.  The Dunaras Bus completed the picture and made living here perfect!

Danika - 3rd Year

Living in Dunaras was an enjoyable experience, staff were helpful and the bus was great, Apartment was comfortable and all in all I enjoyed my stay here. I'd certainly recommend it to friends.

Joseph - 2nd Year

Lovely.Would recommend to friends and return myself.

Michael - 2nd Year

I come from Lisbon and I am here for a full year. I have made many new friends at Dunaras from the very start. The staff at Dunaras are lovely and very helpful and the apartments are great. I have lived in other accommodation and I have seen others in Galway and Dunaras is so much better and so much comfier.

Nelson - 3rd Year